How to overcome the top challenges of achieving identity resolution

Identity resolution is the key to delivering personalized engagements. To be successful in delivering these engagements, there are three important business applications that build the base to help drive personalization at scale.
binary / mask / artificial intelligence / conceal / hide / identity / anonymous
  • Identity Management Solutions
  • Technology Industry

George Corugedo is Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of RedPoint Global. The former math professor and seasoned technology executive has more than two decades of business and technical experience. George is responsible for directing the development of the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub, a leading enterprise customer engagement solution.

George left academia in 1997 to co-found Accenture’s Customer Insights Practice, which specialized in strategic data utilization, analytics and customer strategy. George’s previous positions include director of client delivery at ClarityBlue, Inc., a provider of hosted customer intelligence solutions, and COO/CIO of Riscuity, a receivables management company that specialized in using analytics to drive collections.

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