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BrandPost By Michael DeNeffe
Sep 06, 2018
Computers and Peripherals

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Credit: Georgejmclittle

At AMD, we work hard to solve hard problems. And nothing is more gratifying than to deliver on our mantra “build great products.”  The Radeon Pro V340 is our latest chapter in bringing to market solutions that solve tough challenges.

In this case, its datacenter graphics.  Those GPUs in private or public clouds that handle the acceleration for visualization workloads for engineers, creators, designers and architects.  These are professionals that pride themselves on being builders.  We built the V340 for builders.

The V340 is a beast.  It’s a dual-GPU solution based on the advanced AMD “Vega” architecture[i], optimized to deliver extreme performance and high user density for virtualized environments. It is the first VDI hardware solution equipped with 32GB of ultra-fast, second-generation high-bandwidth memory, providing massive amounts of memory and bandwidth for today’s most complex design and media workloads.

At VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas we unleashed the beast and gave attendees a demonstration of the industry’s only hardware-based GPU virtualization solution enabled by SR-IOV (Single root – IO Virtualization).  We even paired the V340 with a 32 core AMD Epyc CPU for the first time, giving the world a glimpse of what can be built with massive amounts of CPU cores and GPU compute units.

The V340 hardware combined with our software stack comprises AMD’s MxGPU technology. MxGPU stands for multi-user GPU and it does just that.  It lets multiple users share a high-performance GPU giving them highly secure, deterministic workstation-class performance, delivered from the cloud.  With 2 GPUs pounding on 32 GB of HBM2 framebuffer, it supports up to 32 users per card, enabling density and scalability that is second to none. 

So, if you are a builder, consider a tool built just for you.  The AMD Radeon Pro V340.  

Find out more and check out our Built for Builders campaign at www.amd.com/v340builtforbuilders .