Is trust the biggest hurdle to blockchain?

Everyone wants to jump on the blockchain bandwagon but diving in without confronting risks early and aligning enterprise goals will be surefire path to failure.
'blockchain' set in metal type against a circuit board
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Ryan Fay leads ACI Specialty Benefits multidisciplinary technology teams in radically disrupting the corporate benefits experience. A keynote speaker and recognized Technology Evangelist, Ryan Fay has received numerous Top Tech Awards for innovative product development, data security, and global technology solutions. With Ryan’s leadership, ACI Specialty Benefits delivers industry-leading benefits technology, 24/7/365 access, and a seamless, intuitive user experience for customers worldwide.

Recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Influential CIOs in 2017 and Top 20 Most Influential CIO of 2016. Ryan is a 'Modern' CIO with extensive experience and proven track record of driving increased levels of productivity, profits and internal/external customer satisfaction. A Change Agent designing and implementing technical solutions that reduce TCO and deliver a strong ROI.

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