Cloud in their DNA: Digital Innovation at Mediacloud

BrandPost By Michael Krieger
Nov 07, 2018
Cloud Computing

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Credit: kirstypargeter/istock

Mediacloud, Spain’s premier IT Services Provider, had its genesis supplying technical and audiovisual services to parent MEDIAPRO Group and its many subsidiaries. Now, it has evolved into a digital transformation powerhouse, based in Barcelona but offering services to an increasingly global audience. We spoke with Mediacloud’s CTO Pablo Cruces and CIO Sergi Martínez Mudarra about their participation in VMware Cloud Verified.

Mediacloud literally wrote the book on cloud computing. Its free eBook “Cloud computing: lleva tu empresa al siguiente nivel” (Taking your company to the next level) helps businesses of all kinds better understand the benefits of digital transformation – a large part of which involves practical use of the cloud for workloads of all kinds. With a history of providing flexible and agile solutions from its own data centers, it is poised for expansion through the EU and beyond.

“Through digital transformation, our customers can focus on their business rather than worry about technology, and using the cloud helps reduce time to market, speed delivery of new services, and reduce complexity,” said Mediacloud’s Cruces.

“We can leverage cloud-management tools to provide managed services while ensuring our customers in all our markets – private and public sector – meet their business needs through technology,” added Mudarra.

For Mediacloud, becoming VMware Cloud Verified was a no-brainer. “It’s real important to us, in recognition of both our commitment to VMware as well as a commitment to deliver the highest quality standards in the services we deliver to our customers today and tomorrow,” said Mudarra.

The recent enforcement of the EU’s GDPR regulations are another reason why businesses are turning to Mediacloud. “Our datacenter is ISO 27001 certified,” said Cruces. “Some Spanish privacy and security regulations are more stringent than GDPR,” he added.

Mediacloud leveraged its long history as a VMware partner to become the first Spanish VMware Cloud Verified partner. “We try to provide the best standards in the market, the best solutions, to help businesses of all sizes,” said Mudarra. “We’re not too big to deliver personalized service, and we’re not too small to have the knowledge and resources our customers need,” he added.

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