No longer alone: The women in tech movement is here

What the 20,000-person Google walkout tells us is that progress is happening for women in tech but not in the way you might think.
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Jennifer is the Chief Executive Officer of reTHINKit Media, where she co-produces independent work like the Chasing Grace Project and partners with clients to identify their unique story, produce content in multiple formats to support those stories and amplify them through strategic PR and social media programs.

Her career has been dedicated to telling the stories that have defined a generation of technologists, from the men and women who started Creative Commons to Google’s first I/O Conference and more. For more than 17 years, Jennifer has been a woman in tech and has been recognized for her storytelling acumen by BusinessInsider, who ranked her among the best PR people in tech for her video storytelling works.

She was most recently VP of communications at The Linux Foundation, where she oversaw brand storytelling and a team of PR, social media and video production professionals. Prior to that, she was vice president at Page One PR and held posts both in-house and at agency in communications.

In addition to her BusinessInsider recognition, identified her as one of the most influential women in open source.

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