by Sharon Florentine

In social media, ‘chicks rule,’ but tech is still an ‘old boys’ club’

Nov 22, 2017
Technology Industry

Information Is Beautiful has a fantastic visual breakdown of how tech companies’ workforces compare against the overall U.S. population.

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I’m going to keep it short and sweet this week, since it’s a long holiday weekend in the U.S. 

Want a visual look at the gender and racial breakdown of major tech companies’ workforces? Information Is Beautiful, data journalist and information designer David McCandless’s site, has a fantastic breakdown of leading tech companies’ demographics, as well as how they compare to demographics of the U.S. population as a whole. The results are both unsurprising and sobering.

tech company demographics Information Is Beautiful

As the end of the calendar year approaches, I’m hopeful that 2018 will be a watershed year for equality and equity. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

See you next week.