Device as a Service: A strategic approach to procurement & IT management

BrandPost By Arrow Electronics
Feb 06, 2018
Technology Industry

The benefits of DaaS – including reduced costs and improved security – can make IT a business hero.

Organizations are often faced with constant pressures to lower IT operating costs, streamline business processes, and reduce vulnerability to data breaches and other cyber risks. 

How can C-suite leaders balance the demands of these objectives, while also enabling a more distributed and global workforce? 

The answer for your company may well be Device as a Service (DaaS), which provides a more strategic approach to procuring, supporting, and managing technology assets throughout the complete lifecycle. 

Moving to this type of subscription model eliminates large, recurring costs of hardware refreshes, enhances forecasting and provisioning of technology assets, and ensures data protection and environmental compliance throughout the technology lifecycle. 

With specialized expertise, Arrow’s Sustainable Technology Solutions group helps guide enterprise customers through the technology lifecycle, enabling them to uncover hidden value across their supply chain and increase sustainability at the end of the technology product lifecycle.

Key benefits of migrating to DaaS:

  • Eliminates large, recurring costs of hardware; refreshes and streamlines procurement cycles
  • Ensures a globally consistent process to ensure data protection and environmental compliance
  • Reduces IT staff time in managing devices

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