Dance or dread: Is agile for everyone?

Agile is not just a passing trend. It drives productivity and competitive advantage. How should individuals and companies respond to this way of working that drives productivity and innovation?
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Matt McBride is Executive Vice President of Technology Transformation at Genesis10. Known for building trusted partnerships between business and IT organizations, Matt has led agile and scrum transformations at Fortune 100 organizations such as Countrywide Financial, Bank of America, Tyco and ADT.

In his current role, Matt regularly consults with executives of organizations nationwide to help these leaders grow and optimize their resources. Previously he served as the Chief Information Officer for 1st Global Resources, a nationwide broker dealer and investment advisory firm headquartered in Dallas. As a CIO, Matt focuses on four key areas: Strategy, Execution, Innovation and Leadership. He is a passionate believer that people are bright, talented and creative and can accomplish great things.

Matt is also an Adjunct Professor teaching leadership, software architecture, and software design courses for graduate level programs at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and has served as the Chair of the CSE Industry Advisory Board. He is the author of the book Leadership Patterns for Software and Technology Professionals, which is in release worldwide, and a white paper, Agile Transformation—Driving Competitive Advantage with a Tailored Agile Maturity Model.

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