What makes Dell employees so happy and productive?

BrandPost By Cindy Baker
Mar 12, 2018
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Anytime, anywhere access to information helps employees do their jobs betterrn

Employees at Dell say they have higher job satisfaction and productivity as a result of a company program that enables them to work anywhere and any hours. Dell’s “Connected Workplace” initiative uses technology to provide greater flexibility to support the jobs and lifestyles of its staff.

“The workplace is reaching a tipping point,” says Allison Dew, vice president, global client solutions marketing at Dell. “Employees have seen first-hand the ways new technologies can help them do their jobs better, and are hungry to use the latest advancements to be more productive.”

Research commissioned by Dell shows that millennials are changing the way work is done. Eighty-two per cent say technology influences which job they take, and 42 per cent say they would quit a job over poor technology.

A key factor in the success of Dell’s workplace transformation has been its partnership with Microsoft and its adoption of Windows 10 Enterprise. Microsoft assists with Windows 10 implementations by providing a free Windows 10 Adoption Planning Toolkit, which includes a Gartner report with advice on how to ensure a successful deployment.

How technology made them happy

Prior to the transition to Windows 10 Enterprise at Dell, there was a growing level of employee dissatisfaction with the technology platform supporting the business. A fragmented system created challenges for employees to communicate and collaborate.

By implementing Windows 10 Enterprise, the company has streamlined its environment and given employees new freedom as to how, when, and where they work. Employees now have convenient access to corporate applications without having to wait for IT to install them.

Windows 10 allows Dell to take full advantage of Office 365 solutions in the cloud, including Microsoft OneDrive. This means that employees can store and protect their data in the cloud and easily transition between devices from any location. According to a Forrester study, mobile employees using Windows 10 estimate they now have 25 per cent more time, enabling them to get more done more quickly, wherever they may be.

Development teams are using the collaboration tools to ensure everyone is in sync and deploying applications that enhance overall release quality and stability. The IT Service Desk also realized significant labour savings. The implementation of Windows 10 resulted in a significant reduction in call volume and trouble tickets related to devices and operating systems. Dell experienced better operating system reliability, fewer migration issues and fewer questions about usability and functionality. The Forrester study found that IT administrators had a 20 per cent reduction in management time with Windows 10.

Surveys of Dell employees showed that overall satisfaction with Windows 10 is high and that overall productivity has improved. “I believe we have contemporized the desktop like never before and have really changed how people work every day,” says Chris Murphy, vice president, IT Team member experience services at Dell.

The benefits for the company 

With Windows 10 Enterprise, Dell has experienced a reduced risk of a security breach and greater protection against data loss. The Forrester study shows that with features such as Windows Credential Guard and BitLocker, security events requiring IT remediation are reduced or avoided by 33 per cent. “The security improvements in Windows 10 play an important part in how we protect our data and have enhanced the overall security posture of our endpoints,” says Alan Daines, vice president and chief information security officer at Dell.

Overall, Dell has found that Windows 10 Enterprise provides a better total cost of ownership in terms of security, productivity, and IT efficiency. Forrester estimates a return on investment of 233 per cent for companies that implement the service.

“We are excited about the potential of Windows 10 as a client platform because it promises to be more than just another OS deployment, but rather a platform that continuously delivers value to our business,” says JP Glick, director, client computing, at Dell.

Get the free Windows 10 Adoption Planning kit here.