Why the industrial enterprise is moving to iOS

Why iOS may be just the kind of impactful disruption that the industrial enterprise needs.
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Nathan Brown is CTO and co-founder of EVS. An early-days video-gamer (think TRS80) with a natural inquisitiveness and desire to build great and innovative things, Nathan found computer programming to be a perfect outlet. He began his career writing commercial software for the retail, professional service, and manufacturing industries.

In 2002, Nathan joined with Evan to co-found EVS. It was soon clear to the process manufacturing industry that EVS was a different kind of organization. With a creative vision and fresh technology perspective, EVS produced world-class process manufacturing and warehouse management solutions for the mid-market.

Nathan shares his passion to launch entrepreneurs into their dreams through StartHere.tv, an organization co-founded by Nathan and Evan that mentors and supports start-up companies and non-profits. In addition, he regularly travels internationally for missions and charitable work.

Nathan loves to build and create new and interesting projects, whether in business or with his five active kids and wife. He believes that having fun is a critical element to lasting success in every area of life.

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