Nearshoring and the human advantage: The risks and relationship-based rewards of nearshoring

Hiring an outside development company is hard, and it’s about to get even more complex. Digital transformation, automation and artificial intelligence are poised to generate great efficiencies, but they represent a great unknown. More than ever, our human connections – specifically our trust in our consulting relationships and our commitment to them – will separate the winners from the losers. And like never before, nearshoring offers the proximity and cultural sameness – in addition to cost savings – that foster stronger relationships and, in turn, better outcomes.
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Mike Barrett is the co-founder and CEO of Unosquare LLC, providing healthcare and financial services clients with IT consulting and software engineering services from offices in the U.S., Mexico and Belfast, UK. Mike has over 30 years sales and marketing experience with 12 years in tech leadership roles working with offshore and nearshore companies. Follow on twitter: @mikebarrett10 or @unosquare.

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