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4 criteria to consider before you start applying for that management role.
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Mike Sisco was an operational IT manager and a CIO for more than 20 years prior to starting MDE Enterprises Inc. in 2000. His company's mission is simple: to help IT managers of the world achieve more success.

He has worked with hundreds of IT organizations and thousands of IT managers in the companies and management roles he has had during his career. He has extensive IT due diligence experience having led the technology support due diligence and assimilation efforts in support of more than 40 company acquisitions.

Mike's focus on having an IT organization deliver business value is consistent with his management approach and the guiding principle he uses to teach IT managers how to achieve more success in what he describes as "the toughest management role in a company."

Mike offers a five-day training program called the IT Manager Institute, which delivers a practical and effective IT management process and provides tools and templates that are designed to help IT leaders succeed. The program includes the IT Business Manager Certification (ITBMC), co-developed with Belmont University in 2005.

Mike's IT management processes and resources are used by thousands of IT managers around the world.

You can learn more at the IT Manager Institute's website.

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