Enterprise CIOs should watch how AI and blockchain build the cannabis industry

The legal cannabis industry is proving to be fast moving and innovative. Its IT leaders have the challenge and the luxury to adopt new technologies, including AI and blockchain, without the limitations of legacy systems. Enterprise CIOs in industries of all kinds can learn a lot from watching how its done.
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Michael Zammuto is the CEO of Cloud Commerce Consulting which focuses on business and technical transformation through artificial intelligence. Zammuto is also co-founder and CEO of Completed.com, an AI and Big Data professional peer review platform. He previously served as CEO of Brand.com and the award-winning startup, Sapago. Zammuto has been a strategic advisor to many Fortune 100 firms. He served as president or COO for Chaikin Analytics, ChaCha Search and Ontario Systems and has served as both CIO and CTO of large technology organizations.

Previously Zammuto was a manager with Microsoft in Redmond, Washington with the team that delivered the company’s suite of integration, business process, workflow, application server, identity and web services technologies and products.

Zammuto is an alumnus of Tulane University and of The Harvard Business School.

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