Cloud Verified: Why a VMware-based Cloud Infrastructure Matters

May 10, 2018
Cloud Computing

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The Cloud Imperative

As the cloud matures and the deployment of hybrid IT environments accelerates, the number of cloud offerings has skyrocketed. Although business of all shapes and sizes are exploring the benefits of migrating to the cloud, they may need assistance in choosing the right cloud services to move their strategies forward.

The Path Begins with Virtualization

Underpinning all cloud solutions is virtualization, the key building block that abstracts workloads from physical servers, storage, and network. Many enterprises have relied on VMware, the company that mainstreamed virtualization to transform the data center, as a key technology partner. For more than 20 years, VMware has expanded its platform leadership to help customers securely connect, manage and automate the world’s digital infrastructure. Businesses are now looking for ways to build on their VMware investments to integrate public clouds into their digital transformation strategies.

Introducing Cloud Verified

Partners offering VMware Cloud Verified based services enable you to continue using VMware solutions the way you always have, and deliver an agile and effective way to migrate to the cloud as business needs demand, without the burden of re-training your IT staff. This mark of distinction was created to help you identify the optimal cloud provider for any workload.

Why Does it Matter?

When you see the VMware Cloud Verified badge, it signifies that a partner offers a service running on top of the complete VMware Cloud infrastructure. Cloud Verified services enable interoperability and compatibility with your VMware on-premises or private cloud environments.You get the same, trusted platform that transformed the world’s data centers, along with the agility and choice to simplify digital transformations and accelerate public, private, and hybrid cloud strategies.

Next Steps

In the coming weeks, we’ll use this space to highlight some of our Cloud Verified partners, including Rackspace, IBM, CenturyLink and OVH, focusing on the special expertise each of them brings to our cloud ecosystem to help meet your requirements. Our goal is simple: to help every organization move to the cloud with confidence.

Begin your move to the cloud today and learn more about how to maximize your existing VMware deployment with VMware Cloud Verified offerings.