Meet Your Lion Tamer – Your Security Department

BrandPost By Jessica Carter
Jun 14, 2017
Investigation and ForensicsTechnology Industry

Information in today’s era of data breach, e-discovery, and forensics investigations is much like a pride of lions in the wild. The only way to manage and corral the lions is to invite a lion tamer into the mix.

The lion tamer in the IT sector is none other than the security department, compliance officer, audit team, legal department, and forensics investigators. While the skill and competency of a lion tamer are easy to gauge based on the obedience of the lion, the road ahead for the information tamer is more frenetic. It’s a wild and uncharted path, often navigated without a compass.

The biggest challenge of all is the shear volume of data that continues to grow exponentially on a daily basis. Companies and organizations face burdensome decisions on how to master the beast we call data. Some will collaborate; others won’t. Regardless, everyone in the sector must have a plan to chart their course and surmount the obstacles.

That plan to chart a course is becoming the responsibility of the chief data officer; yet, many organizations don’t have this role.

Matt Kelly, editor and CEO of Radical Compliance, offers some perspective.

More likely, you have multiple people scattered across the organization, nibbling data governance in piecemeal fashion, with one or two of them doing it more than the rest. And none of them know they’re managing data governance by silo, which does nobody any favors,” said Kelly in a recent blog post.

Adds Kelly, “Compliance officers need to find those people. Team up with your IT security or chief information officer, and roam the cubicle farm until you identify them all — because they will become critical to risk oversight in the future. If they work in silos, your company will be that much more inefficient and vulnerable to risk. If you put some sort of structure to their work, under the leadership of one person working as a chief data officer, you’ll be better positioned for the challenges to come.”

Every organization is working at lightening speed to manage data, regulatory issues, risk, and governance. Speed and accuracy are of the essence, as data growth and regulation aren’t waiting for anyone to catch up. Information risk and governance are top of mind across the spectrum of government, corporate, academia, professional services, and elsewhere.

To directly address many of the current concerns, AccessData, is sponsoring a 3-part webinar series June 27, July 11, and July 25. Each webinar will be held at t 11:00 am ET.

Too often data security, risk, audit, governance, and compliance teams think they have to go it alone in managing forensics investigations, e-discovery, security breach, and compliance. This webinar series is intended to ease the path forward and facilitate a collaborative strategy to anticipate the threats ahead.

The topics within each webinar, moderated by Kelly, are oriented to problem solving issues the IT sector is facing now. Whether it’s information risk solutions, ownership of risk and governance, creation of an audit trail or jurisdiction and compliance of GDPR and new privacy regulations, these topics are required knowledge for anyone throughout the sector.

You can register for one or all three of the webinars here.