Hire thinkers, not groupthinkers

There is a worrying groupthink – and groupthink is pretty much the same as non-think – in some IT circles today. For example, waterfall, on-premises hardware and ERP tend to be seen as “bad” while agile and AI are “good.” But some in IT think quite superficially about specific technologies: they just go with the flow. CIOs need IT people whose thoughts are less predictable, and more thoughtful, inquisitive and open-minded. So how can they find more such people?
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Iain Smith is Director of Diaz Research, a research and advisory company focusing on IT people and organization best practices. He has 25 years experience working with blue chip companies on the IT HR issues and solutions .

His clients are mainly $20billion-plus US and European companies, who recognize the specialist knowledge that he brings to the subject of organizing and managing the IT workforce. He is a keen observer of both publicized and underlying trends and this informs his thinking and approach.

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