Step aside venture capital: Corporates are stepping up to the plate

For a few years now there’s been a tremendous amount of VC investment available for scaling tech businesses. But things are changing. Corporates are now getting in on the act, building relationships with early-stage ventures and offering something a little different.
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Matt Connolly is the founder & CEO of Tallt Ventures, a global data-intelligence and innovation company, and has worked in the field of digital innovation for 10 years.

In 2003, Matt founded Enable, a digital innovation agency which grew to become the UK's No. 1 digital agency. He later went on to set up a boutique fashion e-commerce agency called Pollen House and organized a number of networking events (for brands such as Royal Jelly and the Together We're Better online community) before turning his attention to investing in and building tech startups.

Recognizing an opportunity to better connect established enterprises with the exciting and disruptive forces of the startup world, Matt launched Tallt Ventures in 2011. With studios and researchers around the world, Matt spends much of his time traveling and meeting people who share his passion for disruptive innovation.

If you'd like to get in touch with Matt directly, you can contact him at

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