Next generation ERP: SAP S/4HANA as digital core of the enterprise

BrandPost By Steve Hyde
May 31, 2017
IT Leadership

To meet their digital targets, companies need a fast performing and flexible to use ERP system, that enables them to connect and integrate everything in their enterprise.rn

For many years, ERP systems have been the traditional backbone of large businesses. More recently, however, as line-of-business (LoB) applications have become larger and more comprehensive, there has been a tendency for them to become stand-alone solutions, disconnected from the core ERP systems. This fragmentation has resulted in more and more data ending up in silos where it’s not easily accessible to the ERP system or other LoB applications.

In today’s data-driven, digital and service-oriented economy, it’s essential that the enterprise and its complex business processes are seamlessly connected to ecosystems, things, people, and customers. In essence, they must function more like an organism than a machine. Actions need to be immediate and everything integrated.

In-memory for real-time insights

With its next-generation, intelligent business suite SAP S/4HANA, SAP provides businesses with a solution that overcomes these problems, linking business processes efficiently in real-time and allowing digital businesses to be agile, robust, resilient, productive and long-lasting. SAP calls these “Live Businesses”, the principal that real-time organisations can interpret and act upon data in an instant.

SAP S/4HANA is built on a revolutionary in-memory database platform that’s optimised to allow companies to connect operations across business units. Maximised for throughput and speed as well as integration into native SAP applications, the digital core forms an intelligent hub that links business processes and provides managers with the information they need in real-time so that they can act in the moment and make better, more informed decisions.

Innovating without risk to business-critical processes

Deployed on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution according to the needs of each company, SAP S/4HANA is a next-generation intelligent ERP business suite for the digital world. It combines advanced technologies with LoB applications and cloud computing to allow the creation of flexible, integrated landscapes that support live digital businesses.

At the same time, SAP S/4HANA’s core mission critical applications are decoupled from line of business edge applications. Thanks to this bimodal IT approach companies can innovate both the core and edge applications, each at their own pace and without risk to business-critical processes.

Thanks to its simplified architecture, SAP S/4HANA reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and improves productivity levels. Built on the most modern design principles using the SAP Fiori personalised user experience, it provides users with the relevant information they need at a glance. 

Immediate, intelligent, integrated, SAP S/4HANA empowers businesses and enables them to connect and integrate everything in their organisation. Whatever their vision, whatever their needs, companies looking to realize digital strategies and become live businesses can be confident of achieving their goals.

Download “The Path to Digital Business” and find out how SAP S/4HANA can empower your business for the digital world.        

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