by Philip Kushmaro

How smartphones are taking over traditional cash exchange systems

Aug 07, 2017
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Older style institutions are being left in the dust by innovative online currency exchange options.

Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, the mobile device is here to stay. More than just a tool for communications, it’s now easier than ever to use your personal device to conduct all manner of business transactions. Increasingly, one of the most popular types of activity around the world is mobile banking.

Every bank worth its salt has a mobile app, and there are new standalone financial service apps springing up each day. All of this innovation means that smartphones are rapidly replacing traditional cash exchange systems. Here are just a few examples of how that’s happening.

Short-circuit the foreign exchange rate

If you’ve ever had to travel abroad, you’ll know that getting your home country’s currency exchanged for a local one can be a major headache. Waiting in line just to pay exorbitant service fees eats away at your money and leaves you exasperated, two things that add stress to your vacation or business trip.

There are some ways to minimize the problem, such as using your bank to exchange currencies. Banks will have rates that are much more affordable than standalone cash exchanges. An even better way to do so – and one that doesn’t involve standing in line at an exchange or a bank branch – is theCashDash online cash exchange app.

CashDash allows you to purchase currencies at some of the most generous exchange rates right from your phone, anywhere and anytime. You can then pull that cash directly from one of the company’s network of ATMs. The app can also be used to transfer cash to another user, making it easy to bail out friends and family marooned in a foreign country without enough money.

Deal exclusively in digital currency

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin, a digital currency that exists only on the internet. It’s not tied to a physical currency like the U.S. dollar or the euro, and can be used at a rapidly growing number of retailers both online and in physical businesses.

Digital currencies like Bitcoin are ideal for mobile cash exchanges. They were conceived online and inhabit the digital space like no other. Moreover, transferring funds from one person to another is easy and secure through online wallets like Coinbase. You do initially have to purchase digital currencies with physical currency, but even that can be resolved with a debit or credit card purchase.

Digital currencies have become so popular that many banks are looking into the database ledger technology that underpins the entire online currency sector. However, banks have a lot of catching up to do before they can offer the same stability, security, and ease of use of a mobile app like Coinbase or the many other mobile digital wallets readily available on the market today.

Ditch your bank completely

Organizing cash transfers through your bank has always been a pain. Stepping into a bank branch is time-consuming. Even mobile banking apps can be limited in functionality – which is why many have decided to ditch their bank completely and go all digital.

The industry leader in mobile cash exchanges is PayPal. From its humble beginnings as a payment system for eBay to its current status as the premier online payment processor, PayPal allows users to load multiple currencies and make purchases both online and in-person.

Many entrepreneurs and self-employed contractors rely on PayPal almost exclusively for accepting payment from clients and customers as well. And with an available debit card, users can use PayPal funds essentially wherever they want. While many use PayPal in conjunction with a traditional bank account, many never do. Considering PayPal’s fees are minuscule in comparison to a typical bank’s, lots of people have embraced the online payment processor and haven’t looked back.

The mobile revolution is at hand

As banks strive to keep pace with the constantly evolving mobile landscape, these older style institutions are being left in the dust by innovative online cash exchange options. It won’t be long before traditional banking methods are eclipsed completely by these mobile-friendly phone apps that are taking the digital world by storm.

We live in an increasingly globalized society. Traditional boundaries are breaking down in favor of easily accessible cash exchange apps. There are already mobile currency management apps of all kinds, available for all mobile platforms. The design and functionality of these apps will continue to be pushed forward by competition in this robust marketplace. The digital future is now, and it brings the kind of accessibility that will change the world.