Chief data officers are moving from defense to offense

An MIT conference panel reveals a shift in thinking toward big data regulatory and compliance reporting, and the expanding role of the CDO in the board room.
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Dr. Paul Barth is founder and CEO of Podium Data, creator of the industry-leading Podium big data management platform. He has spent decades developing advanced data and analytics solutions for Fortune 100 companies, and is a recognized thought-leader on business-driven data strategies and best practices.

Prior to founding Podium Data, Paul co-founded NewVantage Partners, a boutique consultancy advising C-level executives at leading banking, investment and insurance firms. In his roles at Schlumberger, Thinking Machines, Epsilon, Tessera and iXL, Dr. Barth led the discovery and development of parallel processing and machine learning technologies to dramatically accelerate and simplify data management and analytics.

Paul holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the MIT, and an M.S. from Yale University.

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