Why Smart Services are Critical for your Digital Transformation

BrandPost By Hank Stokbroekx
Aug 31, 2017
Cloud Computing

Digital Transformation is impacting many industries and will continue to do so. It is forever changing how we work, play and live. What should companies do to take advantage of this revolution?

Why Smart Services are critical for your Digital Transformation

Each new wave of technology changes how businesses operate. The latest wave, Digital Transformation (DX), is disrupting entire industries, allowing new entrants to crush the competition with innovative business models built on new technology.

To navigate the complex journey to digital transformation, organizations should consult a smart, experienced service provider for help.

Critical components for a successful transformation

Digital Transformation enables new business models, creating a customer experience that didn’t exist before. It can unsettle entire industries and create a “winner-takes-all” environment. To avoid a steady decline into oblivion, businesses must quickly re-invent themselves through DX. The strategy to get to DX should concentrate on three main components:

1.     Enhancing the Customer Experience

For customers, it has never been easier to compare products or services and switch from one supplier to another. Consumers gravitate towards the best customer experience – an experience that is amplified by online and mobile dimensions. The new standard for the user experience should be Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY and Social (ROADS).

2.     Optimizing the business through innovation

Most enterprises have already automated their core business, but the Digital Transformation extends far beyond the core. It must be an integral part of the customer journey, from SEO to online ordering to after-sales service. It needs to extend to external partners and suppliers, covering all segments of the business. This requires unlimited network connectivity between people, organizations, and things. It will make the business much more efficient, increasing productivity and reducing costs, while enhancing the customer experience.

3.     Collecting and analyzing Big Data

Business decisions are based on available data. So more data means better decisions, right? This is true only if the data is structured, analyzed, and presented in a meaningful way. The ability to collect and send real-time data to a cloud-based database has increased tremendously, dramatically increasing the amount of available data. This unstructured data is useless until it is analyzed and presented through a management dashboard or used to personalize the customer experience. This requires a cloud environment and tools to effectively leverage the “Big Data.”

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Choosing the right services for your Digital Transformation journey

Due to the complexity and importance of the digital transformation, it is logical that businesses and governments turn to experienced service providers to successfully navigate this challenging journey. To choose the right service organization, it is important to see how potential suppliers measure up against the following three key criteria:

1.     Experience

Most enterprises have no experience with digital transformation and are therefore likely to make costly mistakes. Others, meanwhile, have already started or even completed their Digital Transformation together with their Service Provider. The ideal service provider will have accumulated experience from many previous engagements with clients in different industries. This will ensure that these same mistakes are not repeated, saving time and money.

2.     Business Outcomes

DX for its own sake is useless. It only makes sense if the Service Provider can achieve the Business Outcomes you desire. While you know your business better than anyone, your Service Provider must understand your industry and speak the same business language you do. Only then can the provider understand what Business Outcomes you expect and develop a plan to achieve them.

3.     Customization

No two businesses are the same, so no two DXs should be the same. Simply copying one DX onto others will produce suboptimal (and perhaps disastrous) results. Only a service provider who uses client expectations as their guiding principle can achieve the target outcomes. A thorough understanding of the industry and a listening attitude towards the customer are critical to ensuring that the DX delivers the benefits the client needs.

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