Revive Your Customer Relationships for Real ROI

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Aug 31, 2017
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To bridge the gap and get closer to your customers, you need to enhance interactions in real time and tap your CRM’s historical data.

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You may know a great deal about your customers, but if your service reps don’t have access to that information at the moment it matters most, you might as well not have it at all.

CRM systems are excellent at capturing, storing, and reporting on customer information – but they’re less effective at making that data relevant and actionable in the moment. As you introduce new digital channels for customer interaction, you may be asking your CRM to do things it was never designed to do — such as informing and influencing those interactions across channels in real time.

Consumers today expect immediate, personalized help via their channel of choice. According to Forrester, 72% of customers say “valuing their time” is the most important part of good service. So if they have to wait patiently while your support agent searches multiple applications and screens for background information — or, worse, if they have to repeat themselves at every touchpoint — they’re likely to take their business elsewhere.

Most CRM solutions are static. They’re not designed to deliver a holistic history of your customer’s interactions on demand, in real time. They’re not even built to capture all of those interactions. Worse, legacy CRM solutions with bolted-on customer engagement channels lack the intelligence necessary to provide a consistent experience and optimize agent resources. Nor can they follow your customers across channels and devices to provide all the necessary context and insight to respond promptly and accurately to their needs.

To bridge the gap and get closer to your customers, you need a way to both enhance interactions in real time and tap the information stored in CRM systems. Your agents need to quickly access additional information harvested from prior interactions – across digital channels – to get a complete picture of the customer journey. Most of all, you need to deliver all this information to your agents in a single pane of glass so they can work more efficiently, deliver more effective results in less time, and delight customers with fast, personalized answers to questions and concerns. Utilizing all of this information can help you turn a browser into a buyer and a customer into an evangelist.

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