How IoT is helping insurers move from the mitigation to elimination of risk

As IoT is transforming daily life, insurers must also adapt to running a business in the age of the connected customer.
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Robert Cummings is the VP, Global Head of IBU Insurance at SAP.

He is passionate about digital transformation and for what it can do for businesses and society. Although he has had experience working in several industries around the world, he finds insurance the most interesting industry.

Why is that? We are witnessing a steady transformation of a centuries-old business model that has the potential to dramatically improve lives around the world. Rather than just compensating for financial loss (which insurers have done remarkably well), the industry is getting geared up to help people prevent loss, lead healthier lives, live longer, drive safer, and will potentially do much more than any other industry to help the long-term well-being of society.

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