Funding Education Technology for Students with Disabilities

BrandPost By Lisa Trisciani
Sep 13, 2017
Technology Industry

How technology can support students with disabilitiesrn

From small, rural districts to the largest city schools, technology has revolutionized education for students with disabilities. Educators often face major obstacles to engage students with disabilities, and research has shown that most of these students can and do benefit from technology in the classroom.

The great news is that there are multiple dedicated federal and state grant programs available today to support the special education technology needs of districts, and supplement district initiatives that are already being maintained with Title 1 and IDEA funding.

For districts that aren’t familiar with these programs or comfortable with grant seeking in general, however, these programs can seem elusive. Connection Public Sector Solutions, along with Microsoft and Intel, is experienced in providing technology to meet all the technology needs of children with disabilities. Our team of experts can help point you in the right direction to apply for funding, and then we’ll establish how it can work in your environment, and help you build your technology plan successfully.

Watch our recent webcast to discover more insights about how we can help districts enhance their technology capacity in special education.