What’s the Right Speed for Real-time Response?

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Sep 22, 2017
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The less time your customers have to wait while your agents gather information, the higher their satisfaction—and the more likely they will keep coming back.

In fact, according to research by Bold360 and Ovum, 62% of customers say it takes five or more different interactions to resolve their issues, and 43% of consumers feel it takes too long to reach a customer service agent in the first place. Simply put, the ability to quickly solve a customer’s problem on the first touch is a powerful competitive differentiator.

But you can’t deliver on that expectation without a modern engagement solution that includes real-time capabilities like these: 

  • Integrate information from first contact to most recent interaction – from every relevant system – into a single view of the customer
  • Deliver this comprehensive customer view to the right agent at the right time, in an instant.
  • Support multiple channels simultaneously, picking up the conversation where a previous interaction left off, as well as moving it to other channels as necessary
  • Automatically, proactively escalate an interaction to a live agent when self-service options aren’t sufficient
  • Enable the agent to instantly up-level the interaction and resolve the problem more quickly with remote support tools like file transfer, co-browse, video chat, or remote control when necessary

The Single-Pane Approach to Customer Service

By placing all the necessary information at your agents’ fingertips in a single screen, reps can start troubleshooting without asking customers to repeat their entire history — eliminating the need to click through a dozen screens to gather all the customer details. They may also be able to offer a solution on the spot based on what’s worked in the past for other customers with similar issues.

For straightforward requests, and optimal efficiency, agents can manage multiple support sessions at once. For more complex problems, they can utilize additional tools on the spot instead of asking customers to schedule a second support session at a later time.

This real-time approach elevates customer support to concierge-level service that does more than simply accommodate your customers’ high expectations. It also increases the likelihood that your agents can resolve issues in real time on the first contact — which in turn helps keep your customers satisfied and improves contact center efficiencies.

Learn more about meeting the demand for excellent service with a seamless, unified omni-channel experience. Download Bold360’s tech dossier, “Modern Consumers Require an Omni-Channel Strategy.”