by Jim Lynch

Apple Watch: How to set the time ahead

Jan 23, 2017
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Afraid of being late? Hereu2019s how you can set your Apple Watchu2019s time to be a few minutes ahead.

I must admit that sometimes I tend to run late when it comes to errands, appointments and social gatherings. I don’t mean to be late but I tend to get tangled up in last minute things before I leave the house, and that can sometimes make me late.

If you’re like me there’s an easy way to fix this problem: set the time on your Apple Watch a few minutes ahead of the actual time. That can give you the extra few minutes you need to make it on time to wherever you need to go.

How to set the time ahead on your Apple Watch

Here’s how you can set the time ahead on your Apple Watch:

1. Press the Digital Crown.

2. Tap on Settings.

3. Tap on Time.

4. Tap on +0 min

5. Turn your digital crown to add time (you can go as high as 59 minutes).

6. Tap on Set.

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Now your Apple Watch will be running ahead of the actual time and you can avoid the embarrassment of being late.

How much time should you add to your Apple Watch?

One issue that comes up with setting the time ahead on your Apple Watch is how much time you should add. My personal preference is 10 minutes. That adds a time buffer without going overboard and getting me to my appointments too early.

Think about it, would you want to arrive at a dental appointment 20 minutes early? Ugh. My dentist often runs slightly behind on appointments anyway so getting there even earlier would just mean killing more time in the waiting room.

But your mileage may vary when it comes to time management. I can understand how some folks might want 15 minutes or longer under certain circumstances. Thankfully, it takes just a few seconds to change your time ahead settings on the Apple Watch.

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