by Thor Olavsrud

SAP adds new enterprise information management

Jan 31, 2017
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Aiming to help organizations better manage, govern and strategically use and control their data assets, SAP has updated its EIM portfolio.

SAP yesterday renewed its enterprise information management (EIM) portfolio with a series of updates aimed at helping organizations better manage, govern and strategically use and control their data assets.

“By effectively managing enterprise data to deliver trusted, complete and relevant information, organizations can ensure data is always actionable to gain business insight and drive innovation,” says Philip On, vice president of Product Marketing at SAP.

The additions to the EIM portfolio are intended to provide customers with enhanced support and connectivity for big data sources, improved data stewardship and metadata management capabilities and a pay-as-you-go cloud data quality service, he adds.

The updates to the EIM portfolio include the following features:

  • SAP Data Services. Providing extended support and connectivity for integrating and loading large and diverse data types, SAP Data Services includes a data extraction capability for fast data transfer from Google BigQuery to data processing systems like Hadoop, SAP HANA Vora, SAP IQ, SAP HANA and other cloud storage. Other enhancements include optimizing data extraction from a HIVE table using Spark and new connectivity support for Amazon Redshift and Apache Cassandra.
  • SAP Information Steward. The latest version helps speed data resolution issues with better usability, policy and workflow processes. You can immediately view and share data quality scorecards across devices without having to log into the application. You can also more easily access information policies while viewing rules, scorecards, metadata and terms to immediately verify compliance. New information policy web services allow policies outside of the application to be viewed anywhere such as corporate portals. Finally, new and enhanced metadata management capabilities provide data stewards and IT users a way to quickly search metadata and conduct more meaningful metadata discovery.
  • SAP Agile Data Preparation. To improve collaboration capabilities between business users and data stewards, SAP Agile Data Preparation focuses on the bridge between agile business data mash-ups and central corporate governance. It allows you to share, export and import rules between different worksheets or between different data domains. The rules are shared through a central and managed repository as well as through the capability to import or export the rules using flat files. New data remediation capabilities were added allowing you to change the values of a given cell by just double clicking it, add a new column and populate with relevant data values, or add or remove records in a single action.
  • SAP HANA smart data integration and smart data quality. The latest release of the SAP HANA platform features new performance and connectivity functionality to deliver faster, more robust real-time replication, bulk/batch data movement, data virtualization and data quality through one common user interface.
  • SAP Data Quality Management microservices. This new cloud-based offering is available as a beta on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, developer edition. It’s a pay-as-you-go cloud-based service that ensures clean data by providing data validation and enrichment for addresses and geocodes within any application or environment.

“As organizations are moving to the cloud and digital business, the data foundation is so important,” On says. “It’s not just having the data, but having the right data. We want to give them a suite of solutions that truly allow them to deliver information excellence from the beginning to the end.”

On says SAP Data Quality Management microservices will be available later in the first quarter. The other offerings are all immediately available.