by James A. Martin

Rock your AirPods in style with this $20 accessory

Feb 03, 2017
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A Canadian mother and son are behind PodPocket, a new accessory that protects your AirPod charging case and lets you hook it to a backpack or belt loop.

Apple’s AirPods, available only since late December, have already spawned an accessory aftermarket. You can buy a “wire” for the wireless earbuds, hooks to make them fit more snugly in your ears, and so on. You could even have your white AirPods painted black — though you’ll void Apple’s warranty in the process.

blackpods BlackPods

‘BlackPods’ custom-painted AirPods

Most recently, protective covers for the AirPods charging case have become available, such as this leather cover ($14) and black carrying case with a key ring ($12).

One such case worth mentioning is PodPocket, a $20 silicone slip-on jacket available in three colors (indigo blue, “blazing red,” and “cocoa gray”). PodPocket adds a protective layer to the AirPods’ charging case, which is a good idea. While I’ve not dropped the AirPods charging case (yet), one of my AirPods slipped out of my grasp the other day and landed on the sidewalk — which left tell-tale, tiny scuff marks on the earbud. I suspect the same could happen if I dropped the unprotected AirPod case on the street.

PodPocket enables your AirPod case to stand upright on a desk. More importantly, it comes with a built-in, stainless-steel keyring and hook, to affix to your backpack or belt loop. The case’s bottom is open, so you can recharge the AirPod charging case without removing it from the PodPocket.

Of the three colors, red is probably the one to get — it might help you locate a misplaced AirPod case better than the darker gray and blue versions.

I like the etched AirPod imprints on the case; it’s a nice touch.

PodPocket doesn’t fully protect your AirPod case, like this leather case with magnetic closure ($17), which comes in black and red but lacks a keyring. And at $20, it’s a little more expensive than some of its competitors.  

But I like PodPocket’s back story. A Canadian teenager, Liam Lowthian, conceived of the product soon after watching Apple’s September keynote, in which the AirPods were unveiled, and worked with his mother, Jennifer, to bring it to market.

And by the way: Yes, there’s already talk about what the next-generation AirPods might be like.