How to Kickstart DevOps at Your Organization

BrandPost By Puppet
Feb 09, 2017
Enterprise Applications

Portions of this post were originally posted on the Puppet blog, and are republished here with Puppet’s permission.

Maybe you know what DevOps could mean for your company: improved collaboration, fewer failures, faster recovery from those failures. But it takes more than knowing to change company culture.

To actually implement DevOps, you need to make big changes across your organization — changes that take days, weeks and months. Changes that affect culture, processes and people.

Driving long-term change isn’t easy, but the payoff is tremendous. Puppet’s new ebook, Getting Started with DevOps, outlines how DevOps will allow you to:

  • Respond to market changes and customer needs efficiently.

  • Run experiments and test new ideas without spending huge amounts of time and money.

  • Learn faster and become more agile.

DevOps isn’t a prescriptive method, but a set of practices and cultural values that can create real and positive change in your organization. With a DevOps culture, you can:

  • Remove inefficient practices from team process and make time to learn and improve.

  • Deliver better software faster, with lower costs.

  • Measure IT performance in a way that wasn’t possible before.

  • Build reliable products that run well in production, while delivering value to your business.

Getting Started with DevOps lays out the road to DevOps in six steps, from discovery through measurement, and everything in between. You’ll learn practical tips, processes and tools to make 2017 the year you kickstart DevOps in your organization. Download the ebook.