by Mitch Betts

Driving digital strategy with customer journey maps

Feb 13, 2017
CIOIT Leadership

Download this free Forrester Research report to learn how to optimize the customer experience by basing technology investment decisions on interactions from the customer’s point of view.

Providing stand-out customer experiences starts with creating “customer journey maps.” It’s not something CIOs typically know much about, but if you’re headed down the path to becoming a digital business, that’s going to have to change, according to a Forrester Research Inc. report.

“To plan the technology investments necessary to transform to a digital business, you need a digital experience technology strategy that’s informed by the needs and digital behaviors of your customers,” says the report.

A customer journey map identifies all customer interactions with your business — from the customer’s point of view. “Understanding the specific devices, touchpoints and interactions is the only way to know if your digital investments will directly improve a customer experience.”

The report provides a three-step planning process for “digital customer experiences,” plus advice about selecting vendors.

Click on the link below to download the 11-page report by analyst Ted Schadler.