How we can create universal health data

Increasingly, healthcare has come to recognize that aggregated, universal health data is needed. Efforts at population health management, as well as research into underlying patterns of disease and health, rely on aggregated data. Numerous ventures in this direction are now emerging. It is important to understand where we are in this evolution, and what kinds of future technologies can emerge once we get there.
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Dr. Robert Rowley is a practicing family medicine physician, health IT consultant and entrepreneur. He built an early ambulatory EHR (Medical ChartWizard), which later became the basis of Practice Fusion, and saw it grow from a small start-up to one of the largest and most successful ambulatory web-based EHRs in the country. He served as Practice Fusion’s Chief Medical Officer from its inception until 2012.

Since then, Dr. Rowley has been a health IT consultant, particularly in the arena of managed care, and an active blogger. He co-founded and is Chief Medical Officer of Flow Health, a universal patient-centered, longitudinal health data platform, which serves as an operating system for the next generation of connected health IT.

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