12 ideas for advanced DevOps practices

BrandPost By Puppet
Feb 14, 2017
Enterprise Applications

How to develop mature DevOps practices at your organization, and continuously improve.rn

If your organization has adopted a DevOps initiative, you’re likely already seeing improvements in culture and processes. Maybe you’ve automated manual tasks, built a continuous delivery pipeline, and improved collaboration between Dev and Ops. Team morale has gone up, and the number of 3 AM calls has gone down. You’re doing really well compared to many other organizations.

Of course, DevOps is not one-and-done; it’s an ongoing journey. There’s always a way to achieve greater control, predictability and flexibility.

Continuous Improvement is a new ebook by Puppet for anyone who’s already tackled the fundamental DevOps practices and wants to go further. You’ll learn tips on improving cross-departmental collaboration, holding internal events like workshops and hackathons, and building in metrics and transparency to hold everyone accountable.

The ebook also discusses:

  • The importance of cross-functional ownership, and why every team must get involved.

  • How to identify your organization’s biggest constraints, and correct them.

  • The positive impacts that DevOps has on retention and recruitment.

If you’re ready to explore more advanced DevOps techniques, download the ebook.