by Sharon Florentine

Top 10 recruiting software platforms

Feb 21, 2017
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Finding a good recruiting software platform shouldn't be guesswork. Here are the 10 best based on business software review site G2 Crowd's rankings for 2017.

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Finding a good recruiting software platform shouldn’t be guesswork, and selecting a option can’t just be based on features, bells and whistles. Ease of use, scalability and the capability to customize solutions to meet your individual company’s needs also are critical factors best discerned by talking to your peers and industry experts.

That’s where G2 Crowd comes in. The business software review site uses feedback from its user community, social media and other online sources, as well as anonymous customer reviews to develop rankings of a wide range of business applications — including recruiting software.

The latest G2 Crowd report for 2017 is based on hundreds of reviews written by HR and recruiting professionals. For a visual ranking, check out The Grid, which is created by factoring in customer satisfaction reported by users and vendor market presence determined from social and public data to rank the products. Here, based on G2 Crowd’s data and ranking, are the top 10 recruiting software platforms.

1. UltiPro

UltiPro is a talent management platform delivered as a SaaS offering that includes tools for talent acquisition, onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, reporting, performance reviews, time and attendance and succession planning. It’s also designed to be scalable, so businesses of any size can benefit.

2. iCIMS recruit

iCIMS Recruit is an applicant tracking system (ATS) and database that allows businesses to move recruiting from paper-based systems to a streamlined digital solution. With automated communications, streamlined workflows and integration with social networks, it’s a great option for businesses of any size. iCIMS also offers modules for social media and branding connection (iCIMS Connect) and for new hire onboarding (iCIMS Onboard).

3. LinkedIn Talent

LinkedIn is far more than a professional social networking site. Its LinkedIn Talent service offers access to one of the world’s largest talent networks. Tools like the LinkedIn Recruiter help with sourcing, the Jobs Network helps you target the right person for your opening, and the Career Pages helps you highlight your company’s culture and improve brand awareness.

4. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is a full talent acquisition platform that includes the ability for full-featured recruitment marketing initiatives as well as collaborative hiring. The solution offers multi-channel recruitment marketing capabilities, full automation to promote jobs, screen candidates and roll out offers, as well as a mobile application that allows HR and recruiting pros to screen, engage and hire on the go.

5. Jobvite

Jobvite is a social recruiting and applicant tracking solution with several modules: Jobvite Refer, which taps into the social web to find candidates; Jobvite Engage, which helps build a talent bench of candidates; Jobvite Hire, to automate applicant tracking and processing; and Jobvite Video to allow for on-demand video interviewing.

6. ClearCompany

ClearCompany offers a talent management platform with applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management and goal-setting capabilities to streamline the process of moving talent from applicant to new hire to productive team member. ClearCompany allows HR and recruiting professionals access to a full suite of tools to improve the quality of talent by linking performance reviews with hiring.

7. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an all-in-one recruiting and staffing software platform that offers CRM, an ATS, the capability to post and manage available jobs, integration with Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook and an integrated email function. The solution also includes a résumé parser and SMS capabilities, to better reach candidates in the manner they prefer.

8. ADP Workforce Now

Best known in enterprise circles as a compensation and payroll solutions company, ADP also offers a suite of recruiting and HR tools called ADP Workforce Now. From basic payroll and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance to managing international employees, it is a simple, powerful solution designed to help companies with 50 or more employees.

9. SkillSurvey

SkillSurvey’s talent assessment software provides the most predictive candidate insight of all — data on past job performance from managers, co-workers and direct reports. The Pre-Hire 360 assessments offer analytics-based insight to help clients reduce employee turnover, increase recruiting efficiency and cost effectiveness, as well as driving greater customer satisfaction.

10. Greenhouse

Greenhouse Recruiting offers a stellar candidate experience by optimizing the entire recruiting process from planning to sourcing, screening to interviewing and hiring, allowing HR and recruiting professionals the ability to conduct more focused interviews and access data-driven analysis.