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How to create IT innovation

Feb 22, 2017
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Exclusive research from the CIO Executive Council shines a light on how IT leaders are defining and driving IT innovation. Register now to download the free report.

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Sixty-four percent of IT leaders say their departments are taking the steps necessary to drive innovation in their business. Are you one of them?

In its 2016 IT Innovation Survey, the CIO Executive Council (CEC) provides cross-industry peer insights into how IT leaders approach innovation in their organizations. The findings are “intended to guide IT leaders by providing a summary of peer attitudes towards innovation; concrete action steps they have taken (and avoided) in the pursuit of success; and impediments holding them back,” writes Brendan McGowan, global media bureau & client research manager at the CEC.

Among the key findings:

  • 77 percent of IT leaders surveyed say they have a concrete process for measuring the potential for innovation efforts, as well as ROI.
  • 58 percent have formally dedicated a portion of their budgets to innovation activities.
  • 54 percent say that IT innovation initiatives originate equally from inside and outside of the IT department.
  • Time (65 percent) and money (50 percent) are cited as the top impediments to innovation.

The CEC report also identifies four principles of IT innovation that McGowan says “every IT leader must keep in mind as they develop or hone their strategies.”

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