by Thor Olavsrud

How Trillium Precise enhances customer interaction and satisfaction

Mar 01, 2017
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The Trillium Precise data-as-a-service product is a data quality and enrichment offering that’s designed to provide single view of your customers enhancing identification, communication and interaction.

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Aiming to help organizations better understand and retain their customers, Syncsort company Trillium Software today introduced a new data-as-a-service (DaaS) solution that brings together online and offline customer and prospect contact information for verification and enrichment.

Dubbed Trillium Precise, the new product brings together Trillium’s world-wide postal and geocoding data cleansing and enrichment of customer contact information with validation, verification and enrichment of email, phone, address and IP services. The solution delivers accuracy checks from a constantly updated offline graph database that connects to an organization’s customers to match identity elements in real time.

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“Accurate customer information in a single, comprehensive and actionable view is a requirement for many organizations for a broad range of use cases including fraud detection, loan assessment, customer service, customer retention, market segmentation, lead generation and targeting cross/upsell opportunities,” Keith Kohl, vice president, product management at Trillium Software, said in a statement today.

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Trillium says the new service extends data cleansing and enrichment with the inclusion of verification of email addresses and phone numbers, and the addition of attributes like age and gender data that are associated with contact points.

The new product includes the following:

  • Email services to confirm global email addresses are valid, active and deliverable to target accurate and usable email addresses
  • Phone services to ensure a phone number is valid, in service and matches the subscriber name
  • IP services to identify the location of an IP address and whether it’s a proxy
  • Address services to determine whether a postal address is a P.O. Box or a single- or multi-unit dwelling

Trillium says the service doesn’t just confirm existing data about customers is accurate and up-to-date, organizations can use it to add new, previously unknown information to customer records. The service also provides information for customer analytics that can be used to increase the effectiveness of market segmentation and marketing efforts, to identify attributes of online interactions to support risk determinations and to detect potentially fraudulent transactions attempted via proxy servers or temporary email addresses.

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“Keeping in touch with customers and heightening the customer experience is vital; statistics show it costs five times more to win a customer than to keep an existing one,” Kohl said. “With Trillium Precise, organizations in a broad range of industries, including retail, banking and financial, can reduce customer churn by improving customer service and heightening the customer experience.”