17 questions to measure DevOps

BrandPostBy Puppet
Mar 07, 2017
Enterprise Applications

If you ask 10 people to define DevOps, you’ll probably get 10 different answers. Some answers will focus on culture and collaboration; others may focus on tooling. (If you’re interested in our definition of DevOps, we wrote a post called What is DevOps?)

DevOps is hard to pin down, but most people agree that it’s about much more than tooling. It’s about people, processes and tools — and probably in that order. It’s about aligning team values and workflows to achieve business objectives. By adopting DevOps practices, you can move faster without sacrificing quality, and set yourself up for future innovation and growth.

How mature is DevOps at your organization? We created a 17-question DevOps assessment to help you find out. You’ll see how your peers have answered the questions, and also get advice tailored to your organization’s DevOps maturity.

You’ll also get a better understanding of the practical benefits of DevOps, including:

  • Improvements in instrumentation and monitoring, so you can find problems before customers encounter them, and improve recovery time.

  • Deployment of software in smaller, more frequent batches, to reduce risk of failure and get new features out to market — or your employees — faster.

  • Managing infrastructure as code, so changes can be rolled out quickly and accurately, with less manual work.

Take the assessment now. If you have any questions after completing the assessment, we’re here to help. See how Puppet helps you build a foundation for DevOps, and visit the Puppet resource library for case studies, white papers and more.

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