How to develop mature DevOps practices

BrandPost By Puppet
Mar 13, 2017
Enterprise Applications

Every company must act like a software company these days. That’s why DevOps is so critical to your success: DevOps methodologies help you get better software to your users, and build tighter feedback loops for more effective learning.

If you’ve already undergone a DevOps transformation, you’re likely already seeing better cross-functional alignment and shared responsibility.  Hopefully you’re deploying software more frequently, recovering from failures faster, and dealing with far fewer security issues.

Now it’s time to take your DevOps initiative to the next level to achieve greater control, predictability and flexibility. By continually improving, you make room for more experimentation and innovation, and can even retain top talent. (See the proof in Puppet’s annual State of DevOps Report.)

Where should you go next? Continuous Improvement is a new ebook for anyone who’s already tackled the fundamental DevOps practices and wants to go further. You’ll learn tips on improving cross-departmental collaboration, holding internal events like workshops and hackathons, and building in metrics and transparency to hold everyone accountable.

The ebook also discusses:

  • The importance of cross-functional ownership, and why every team must get involved.

  • How to identify your organization’s biggest constraints, and correct them.

  • The positive impacts that DevOps has on retention and recruitment.

If you’re ready to explore more advanced DevOps techniques, download the ebook.