by James A. Martin

Carry-on bag promises to hold garments, gadgets and charger

Mar 15, 2017
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Want one bag to carry hanging garments and recharge your smartphone? Genius Pack's carry-on duffle might fit your needs — but expect a few wrinkles..

I’m always on the lookout for cleverly designed business travel bags. And Genius Pack makes several styles that fit the bill. Genius Pack bags typically include special compression pockets for dirty laundry, pockets for optional USB chargers and micro umbrellas — even dedicated pockets for undies and socks.

Among the company’s more recent efforts is the Genius Pack Carry-On Duffle with Integrated Suiter, currently $178. As the name suggests, it’s a duffle bag. But on the bottom is a zippered, tri-fold compartment designed to hold hanging garments — about enough for a business trip lasting one to three days.

How smart is it?

But I wouldn’t call this a “genius” solution to the problem of traveling with hanging garments. In my tests, I had to stuff my garments (a business jacket, three dress shirts, and one pair of pants) into the tri-fold compartment. Suffice to say, they didn’t emerge wrinkle-free (though I always travel with Downy Wrinkle Releaser, $1.54 at for three ounces).

Plus, when the integrated suiter is full, you’ve got decidedly less packaging space available inside the duffle.

But I like the optional mobile charger ($28), with Micro USB and Lightning cable tips. The slim, white charger, which has a 4500mAh battery, fits into a dedicated pocket inside a larger external pocket.

genius pack 2 Genius Pack

The micro travel umbrella ($18) is compact but big enough to keep one person reasonably dry.

Also, there’s no dedicated laptop or tablet pocket. But you can place either (or both) device inside the duffel and easily access it, given the bag’s wide opening on the top. Just make sure to store the devices in a protective sleeve or folio.

I’d also appreciate a strap for attaching the bag to a rolling bag’s telescoping handle.

Fit for the gym?

Bottom line: The Genius Pack duffle makes a convenient gym bag, especially if you need to pack a change of business clothes. And it might serve you well as a secondary travel bag for business. But I wouldn’t recommend it as your only bag to pack on a business trip.

By the way, Genius Pack also makes a backpack with integrated hanging bag compartment ($168), which I’ve not tested.