by Andre Bourque

The power of inventory management means service with a virtual smile

Mar 28, 2017
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The right technology can raise a company’s respect and responsiveness.rn

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Customer service is an extension of technology. Rather, technology is an example of a company’s ability to deliver excellent customer service.

It highlights the strengths — or exposes the weaknesses — concerning an organization’s renown for reliability. It reveals whether a business with an online presence and a physical storefront can do its job with speed and accuracy, while strengthening the loyalty of existing consumers and attracting the attention of prospective buyers.

“We believe technology plays a key role in supporting the needs of our customers,” says Scott Smith, president of “We aim to leverage the latest technology to create simple, effective experiences that make engaging with our service easy and accessible on every device.”

All of which underscores the importance of how technology can increase productivity and enhance efficiency. According to the team at SalesWarp, which specializes in retail inventory, order and fulfillment solutions, independent retailers need to understand that technology can just as much prevent success as it can promote it.

These experts emphasize, among other things, the power of flexibility. That feature advances creativity and experimentation. It enables executives to conceive different business strategies; to ensure the affordability of various marketing campaigns; and to ensure the fulfillment of inventory with confidence and convenience.

Take, for instance, the way an advanced order management system (OMS) can strengthen customer service — and streamline the buying and selling of merchandise — in ways that surpass the resources of even the largest retailers.

That union of fast fulfillment and personalized attention is at the center of a revolution involving inventory management. The process depends, however, on applying data across all sales channels.

The SalesWarp team says:

“Smart investments in technology can help independent retailers — particularly small business owners — do the necessary things well, including sales, purchases, promotion and fulfillment. Launching these features is a matter of weeks, in some cases, allowing companies to verify inventory with absolute confidence. Indeed, total accuracy of what a retailer possesses is more than possible; it is (or should be) the new standard for operations, management, accountability and service.”

Independent research substantiates these claims, in terms of how businesses review data to better personalize their relationships with consumers. Achieving that goal is a testament of leadership, on the one hand, and innovative technology, on the other.

It comes down to a bond of trust, where retailers can verify the accuracy of the inventory they possess and consumers can depend on the credibility of what they read online. That sense of trust is indispensable to how a company operates, based on the technology it uses, the reports its employees can retrieve, and the assertions that colleagues and co-workers can deploy without delay.

Think of how what a store carries can — and does — influence whether that store’s reputation will carry, so to speak.

The right inventory management software shapes that perception, raising a company’s standing for respect and responsiveness. That asset is critical to elevating the sort of customer service retailers can — and should — provide.