by Jim Lynch

President Trump dumps Android for Apple’s iPhone

Mar 29, 2017

President Trump has given up his old Android phone and is now using an Apple iPhone for his tweets and other social media.

President Trump has long been known for having a formidable presence on Twitter, via his Android phone. He has his personal Twitter account, as well as the official POTUS account. The president also has a personal account on Facebook, as well as the official POTUS Facebook account.

But now President Trump has finally dumped his old Android device and moved to Apple’s iPhone instead for his social media needs, according to Dan Scavino (the official White House Director of Social Media).

Scavino mentioned the president’s change in a recent tweet:

.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump has been using his new iPhone for the past couple of weeks here on Twitter. Yes, it is #POTUS45 reading & tweeting!

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Android’s security problems

It’s not surprising that President Trump finally made the switch to the iPhone, given Android’s security problems. The Samsung phone that the president was using apparently had a lot of security issues, according to a report by Kaveh Waddell at The Atlantic:

What happened? Some reporters speculated that Trump may have finally gotten an iPhone. Perhaps that old, unsecured Samsung—so old, in fact, it can’t run the newest, safest version of the Android operating system—had been wrested from Trump’s fingers from a brave, security-conscious aide.

That would’ve been a relief to security experts who had warned for months about the dangers of Trump’s attachment to that phone. The device, likely a Samsung Galaxy S3, has such serious security problems that it’s probably “compromised by at least one—probably multiple—hostile foreign intelligence services and is actively being exploited,” according to Nicholas Weaver, a security researcher at the University of California, Berkeley.

That would mean that foreign agents could be listening on his private conversations, monitoring him as he moves around the country, and potentially seeing the world through the eyes of his smartphone camera.

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I’m sure that the president’s decision to switch to the iPhone will come as a relief to the Secret Service and other security professionals inside the government. While no mobile device is perfect in terms of security, Android is know for being particularly bad depending on the phone and its manufacturer.

What people are saying about President Trump’s switch to the iPhone

As you might imagine, the news about President Trump using an iPhone caught the attention of folks over at AppleInsider and they shared their thoughts in a long thread.

I’ll leave you with this selection of comments from the thread:

Al_lias: “Since Trump won’t stop tweeting, might as well tweet from a more secure device than before, right?”

Damn_its_hot: “I think this is simply a case of Trump acclimating to a group of so-called-experts [FBI, NSA, CIA, Homeland] that needed to respond and make it known what was the most secure, what preserved Americans rights under the Constitution/B of R, etc…

As with the FBI they did not have anyone that was comfortable to make such a decision so they hired and/or bought a set of unsupported tools to hack the iPhone. I would think that Samsundg have the damn things spontaneously errupting in to a VERY hot ball of fire was good enough to toss the Samsung, but was the FBI even concerned — NOT!

Trump has a lot more resources to point him in the right direction, and has taken advantage of it on occasion. ”

Wood1208: “Instead of criticizing Mr. Trump, say Hala Lu Ya!! At-last president got to senses that iPhone is way more secured. Because Bad old habits using android don’t die fast, he might use android phone here and there to tweet.But, for nation’s important communication, he is good on using iPhone. ”

Qwwera: “An iPhone in Rose Orange. With the voice of Hannity for Siri.”

Soli: “1) Obama had a hardened Blackberry.

2) I thought the Gov’t had also approved certain Android-based vendors. ”

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