Embrace the hybrid cloud by dispelling security and latency myths

Enterprise leaders are embracing the cloud but remain concerned about hybrid cloud performance and security--two challenges that can be managed more easily than many realize.
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Anant Jhingran leads Products for API Management at Google. Prior to this role, he was CTO at Apigee, which was acquired by Google in September 2016. He joined Apigee from IBM, where he was VP and CTO for IBM’s Information Management Division. He is a data geek, but over time, he has grown to love middleware too.

Anant has received several awards, including IBM Fellow, IIT Delhi Distinguished Alumnus Award, the President's Gold Medal for highest GPA at IIT Delhi, and membership in the IBM Academy of Technology. He has also authored over a dozen patents and over 20 technical papers, including frequent keynotes in industry and academic conferences. Anant received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.

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