Digital success: 3 areas where you need to broaden your horizons

Organizations such as Allianz look far beyond the boundaries that defined traditional tech projects
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Currently an independent consultant, Pradeep Henry is known for his contribution to the fast transformation of a promising venture into Cognizant Technology Solutions, where he was previously employed as director. His contribution (1996-2007) involved devising and executing three strategic themes, which included software practice innovations that delivered differentiated customer value.

Henry is the creator of a method for strategy translation in software projects. He has written a book (draft) on strategy translation and contributes to international strategy conferences. A member of the Strategic Management Society, Henry received executive education at Columbia Business School, and that included Rita McGrath's program "Leading Strategic Growth and Change."

Since 1987, Henry has been been engaged in various roles in more than 500 software projects executed for more than 150 organizations, including the likes of AAA, DHL and IBM.

Henry is recognized for advancing software practice (at company, national and industry levels) through his innovations and change initiatives. He’s been interviewed by CIO India, TrendHunter Canada, Forrester Research USA and several media organizations. His works have received favorable reviews by ACM, IEEE and other organizations.

You can find Henry's website at, and he can be reached at

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