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What is it like to work in an Apple Store?

Sep 26, 2016
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Find out what Apple employees and former employees think about working in an Apple store.

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Apple’s stores have become iconic landmarks in a way, with millions and millions of people visiting them each day around the world. But what is it like to be on the other side of the counter and work at an Apple Store?

A redditor recently asked that question and got some very interesting answers:

NabroleonBronaparte: “I was a genius for a few years, left in 2014. Its retail work, lots of appeasing customers, lots of long hours, lots of getting out of work late. But it was fun, met a lot of great people. Definitely wouldn’t go back though, I value having regular hours and weekends off too much now. ”

ClumpofCheese: “I got hired in June 2011 and quit in September 2012 to focus on my last two semesters of school.

I started right after Ron Johnson left and a few months before Steve died, I was actually working when they announced his death, crazy day.

When I went through their training it was all about doing what was right for the customer, even if that meant talking them out of a sale.

As time went on the focus of the store turned to sell sell sell! As well as way too heavy of a focus on the business team.

By the time I left in 2012 it was not the same retail experience and I really started to hate what it turned into, especially since I worked on the personal setup team and really enjoyed helping people get their new products setup. But since that wasn’t really a revenue generating position the store leaders didn’t really care about it or the effort we made to ensure the customer had a great experience at the store.

To this day I’m still pissed off at how they have changed the stores. Every time I go in they mention the business team to me and I tell the person helping me I used to work for Apple and that I…hate how they force the business team down our throats, they usually quietly agree.”

Theinfamousmjn: “Just wrapped up a couple weeks ago and moved to another company doing corporate IT work. Don’t miss the job itself at all. It was dealing with very entitled people who were angry about anything. It was especially frustrating when the angry rude people got their way over the nice and agreeable people. It was a lot of hours on a very structured environment.

Love the ex-coworkers though, I definitely made some of my closer friends in the short time I was there.”

Skinnyfrump: “Occassionally, I’ll forget it’s retail. Lots of memorization of new concepts/products/carriers changing their contract terms at a moment’s notice. We’re held to a very high standard… it’s like being a Disney employee in that aspect.”

Chalupalover: “Worked there for 5 years and left my job as Genius earlier this year. At the end of the day, you work in the mall. You still deal with shitty customers. The culture in my store was pretty burnt out. We had a terrible management team.

Aside from that, health benefits are incredible. Lots of discounts on lots of things. There are a lot of opportunities to move up if you kiss the right asses.”

Supernormalguy: “Prior to Apple I was at a brick n mortar store as PC sales and was about $9/hr when I left for Apple which offered $11/hr

Spent 2 years trying to get into a Genius spot as that is what I was aiming for and also studying for. Luck didn’t roll my way for that position at my store so I found the Authorized Service shop that offered $14 hr and was full time.”

Adamraco: “I left the product specialist role for a full time gig elsewhere in my chosen field of study. Same pay. More responsibility. Work phone and mac. Business credit card. I feel free.

Oh and apple operates on weekends. Don’t miss that.”

Skinnyfrump: “My store is like a maze, but it’s large so we can do most Mac and phone repares in-store. No matter what though, some stuff will always need to be sent out for repairs (i.e Beats).”

Purp1ePie: “It’s fun but retail is retail.”

Clumpofcheese: “You have to kiss so much ass and play so many stupid games to move up in the Apple Store and other than the Genius positions, most of the “promotions” don’t really pay more.”

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I almost worked at an Apple Store

I found the answers in the thread from folks who work at or worked for Apple to be very interesting. I almost worked for the company in a retail location a while back too. I applied online and got a couple of invites to go to the initial meeting for new retail employees.

But by that time I was already writing this blog, so it wouldn’t have worked well for me or for Apple if I’d tried to work at an Apple Store. Talk about a conflict of interest! I worked retail in college though, so I think I might have enjoyed working for Apple in that kind of role had I not already begun this blog.

I will say that my own experiences at my local Apple Stores have been mostly positive. The folks working there have usually been quite helpful and I appreciated the high quality of customer service and attention I received from store workers.

The only complaint I have about the store in my area is that it often feels too small for the volume of people inside it. Maybe I’m just a bit claustrophobic but Apple might want to consider renting some larger spaces because the crowding inside the store is quite noticeable during the busiest times of the year.

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