by Al Sacco

‘New Mac’ scented candle smells nothing like a new Mac

Oct 04, 2016
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What do you buy the Apple 'Fanboi' who has it all? A 'New Mac' smell candle, of course.

Many Apple users really like their computers, phones and tablets. The products are generally well-designed, good-looking and reliable. They’re also generally overpriced. But Apple makes solid products, and it has loyal customers.

However, a sect of Apple customers treats iPhones, iPads, Macs and all of Apple’s various other wares like religious artifacts. They’re addicts, and they can’t get enough. They are the “Apple Fanbois,” and they’re rarely spotted with fewer than two different Apple products at any given time. They also sometimes wear Apple shirts purchased in Cupertino and drink out of exclusive Apple coffee mugs available only at 1 Infinite Loop.

If you fall into this latter camp, or know someone who does, Twelve South, makers of various quirky accessories for Apple gadgets, will be glad to take your $24 in exchange for its “New Mac” smell candle. The candle is reportedly 100 percent soy wax, poured in Charleston, S.C., and should burn for 45 to 55 hours. It apparently smells like some odd combination of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin and sage … which, last time I checked, smells absolutely nothing like a new Mac — or any other Apple product.

But the Fanbois will still buy ’em. In fact, Twelve South is already sold out of its New Mac candles.

Or you could just buy a Yankee Candle that smells like a real Macintosh. Yankee’s large jar Macintosh candle costs $27.99, and should burn for between 110 and 150 hours, and the medium size jar costs $24.99 and burns for 65 to 75 hours, according to the company. Both options are also currently in stock.

I could easily fire off some snarky comment about the kind of person who would buy a new Mac candle that clearly doesn’t smell like a new Apple computer. But who am I to judge? I’ve purchased (and used) beer soap.


via Gizmodo and 9to5Mac