by James A. Martin

Dolby Narrate for iOS lets you add voiceover to video

Oct 07, 2016
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Dolby's new Narrate app makes it simple to add voice narration to video clips, making it useful for a variety of business purposes. Of course, you can also have fun with its goofy voice effects.

I recently mailed a rather large check to a friend of mine named Susan. As a sort of joke, I also shot a short video, showing the stamped envelope with Susan’s address followed by my hand putting the envelope into the mailbox. I wanted to show her that the check was literally in the mail.

The video captured a lot of the surrounding street noise, so I went home, where it’s more quiet, and used Dolby’s awesome new Narrate iOS app to remove the original soundtrack and attach own narration.

narrate 2 Dolby

Narrate is free, and it’s an easy-to-use app with the sole purpose of adding voiceover narration to video. Endless ways exist to use it for fun. For example, you can use filters that make you sound drunk, devilish, babyish or even “alien-ish.”

But you can use Narrate for business, too. Say you’re on a noisy trade show floor, checking out interesting new products. You want to share what you see with colleagues who aren’t at the show, so you take a video of some notable products. When you’re in a quiet place, you can run the video through Narrate and add voiceover to explain what you think of the new products. You can choose to turn off the original audio in the clip or add to it.

When you finish, you save the new video and share it via text, email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; add it to Notes; import it into iMovie; or send it to Dropbox. Narrate does not edit your original video or audio, so it’s easy to change or remove narration if you don’t like the results, or trim video. For business, Narrate might come in handy for training videos, product tutorials, or ecommerce websites, as well.

Narrate isn’t the only app that lets you add voiceover narration to video. Dubme for iOS (free, with in-app purchases) is another option, as is AndroVid, a free Android video editor that lets you record new audio tracks.

However, I recommend Dolby’s app because it’s so simple to use. Download it. Give it a try at work … or do what you probably enjoy more: Make a video of your cat “talking.” Who knows? It might go viral.