How AI will shape the future of Industrial IoT

Artificial Super Intelligence will have the intelligence of all the smartest human beings combined. Can you imagine what our world would look like when AI reaches its ultimate potential?
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Beena Ammanath is an award-winning technology executive leader whose work has shaped the usage of data and analytics at several companies. She is a seasoned leader with over 24 years proven track record of building and leading high performance teams from the ground-up scaling 0 to 150+ geographically distributed global teams with a sharp focus on strategy and successful execution of industrial scale products and services.

Beena is currently the VP of Data & Analytics at GE, where she is responsible for shaping GE’s Industrial Internet platform, Predix into a top-notch data science platform. She also works with leading industrial companies to guide them through building and executing on strategies to take their business through a digital transformation. Using advanced technology engineering and data science techniques, to achieve productivity gains and business growth through innovation based on insights generated through their own data.

Previously, Beena has worked at recognized international organizations British Telecom, E*trade, Thomson Reuters, Bank of America and also, Silicon Valley startups, in engineering and management positions. She is also helping build the next generation of computer scientists through her role on the Industry Advisory Board for Cal Poly University.

Beena has been a featured speaker on the topics of data science, big data, technology transformation and women in leadership, at numerous industry conferences. She is dedicated to supporting diversity in technology. She is on the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization, ChickTech.

Outside of the danger zone of artificial intelligence, Beena is a passionate aviator, foodie and avid baseball fan. On any given weekend, she can be found at a baseball field cheering her little leaguers. She enjoys writing on topics related to women in technology, business, IoT and artificial intelligence.

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