by Jim Lynch

TouchFart: A fart app for the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

Oct 31, 2016
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A clever developer with a sense of humor has created the first fart app for the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

When Apple revealed its new MacBook Pro computers, the standout feature was the Touch Bar. It offers the promise of a whole new world of functionality on the MacBook Pro, and many developers were excited to find out about it.

One developer quickly showed that Apple can expect some…er…unique apps to be developed for the Touch Bar. One of the first is called TouchFart, and lets your spiffy new MacBook Pro sound like it has just eaten a can or two of boston baked beans.

The app has a GitHub page with additional information, here’s the official description from that page:

A fart app for the new Macbook Pro’s Touch Bar. I’m usually the first one to make a fart app when the opportunity presents itself, so why not?

1. Three different fart sounds

2. Two emoji and one word: “fart”

3. Works with the TouchFart macOS app to allow selection and playback of predefined fart sounds.

Since the new Macbook isn’t available yet, you can test out the Touch Bar’s first ever fart app with Xcode 8.1 and macOS Sierra.

More at GitHub

Here’s a video of the developer demonstrating the lovely sounds of TouchFart:

After listening to the sounds in the video, I’m rather glad that I won’t be buying the new MacBook Pro. I can live the rest of my life quite happily without hearing my laptop fart loudly. But your mileage may vary, so if farts are your thing then TouchFart could be the app that you’ve been waiting for to show off your new MacBook Pro.

News about the creation of the TouchFart app spawned a thread on the Apple subreddit, and folks there had some amusing comments to share:

Odnalyd: “What a time to be alive. Fart apps are back!”

Atello: “Suddenly the price hike seems worth it…”

Jonnyclueless: “Is there going to be a Pro version?”

Azuredown: “Now that’s innovation.”

ValdasVabolis: ““Can’t innovate anymore, my ass”

-Phil Schiller”

Lego_C3PO: “Shows just how useful and revolutionary the touchbar is.”

Rolaff: “WOW! Best App I’ve seen so far for the touch bar! This is breathtaking!”

Jakerudy: “Don’t know if I’ll have enough RAM for this.”

More at Reddit

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