by Jessica Naziri

Apps to help you get the best deals on Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Nov 24, 2016
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Just in time for Black Friday shopping, I have the apps that you should download right now to get the best deals.

Besides Thanksgiving, Black Friday is also something most Americans find themselves being very thankful for! And why not? You have deals and discounts on almost every item.

With Cyber Monday, A.K.A. the online shopping holiday, right around the corner, I’ve gathered the best tech and tools to be thankful for this holiday season.

Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving’s lesser known holiday, actually can earn you more savings than Black Friday! Many people say the best part of the Thanksgiving tradition is being around family, friends and delicious food. But let’s be real, we should all be thankful for the technology that is saving us time and money on America’s favorite days: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Who has time to sift through the piles of Penny Savers you get in the mail for good deals? The Flipp app is an all-in-one flyer, coupon and savings tracker for your smartphone. The app lets you search for coupons for a specific store, item or brand. Flip can help you save as much as 70 percent on many items.

PriceBlink is a price comparison app that you can add onto Chrome, Firefox or Safari. This means when you find that perfect electric wine bottle opener, it will automatically scan through over 4,000 merchants to find you the best price. Now that’s something to cheers to.

Honey is just as efficient as worker bees, but it’s actually just a Chrome extension. It scours the internet to find you discount codes, coupons, free shipping and more that you can apply right as you’re at checkout. And now, here’s a bonus! With Honey Gold, you can get Cash Bonuses at thousands of stores like Target, Walmart and Groupon. Just look for the gold checkmark and listen for the cha-ching from your wallet.

Christmas Gift List (Android) or Santa’s Bag (iOS)

We’ve all scrolled past that perfect gift and thought of the exact person that would love it. These apps will help you keep your gifts organized. Use this app on Cyber Monday to score all the best deals on your holiday gifts. Just like Santa, you can create different bags, and organize all your gifts specifically for each person- making gift giving that much less stressful.

Cyber Monday App

Who doesn’t want the hottest gadgets? Find early access to deals using their professional analysis on which items are hottest this year. This iOS and Android app will help you find both online and local coupons from your favorite stores and set you on your shopping adventure.

Now Discount (iOS) is a tool you can use for both Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping by finding your items cheapest price in three different categories, it’s a triple threat. From the lowest online price as well as lowest price from a major retailer, and even lowest price from the local stores in your area. Consider your price, matched.


With the Sudo app, you will never worry about spam again. Sudo is an app that lets you change your online identities and create and delete temporary (or permanent) identities. Each of these identities come with a customizable name, email address and phone number.

So skip the doorbuster crowds and sit at the comfort of your own home while watching the savings roll in! Happy Shopping!

Whether you’re a Black Friday shopper or a Cyber Monday fanatic, there’s tons of way to save cash that you should be thankful for! Have a favorite tip or secret for saving cash? Share it with us on Twitter @jessicanaziri