by Swapnil Bhartiya

Read this if you are planning to buy Apple Watch 2 as Christmas present

Nov 28, 2016
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Here are a few reasons why I think the Apple Watch 2 is a great Christmas gift, especially if you are planning to upgrade from Apple Watch 1.rn

I love my Apple Watch; it has become a time saver and a productivity enhancement device. At the same time, it made me socially acceptable. I recall an incident. We participate in a co-op preschool for our kids. I was on duty and the teachers praised me after my shift, stating that I was one of the best co-opers so far because unlike many other parents I was not checking my phone all the time. I told them a secret: I was wearing the Apple Watch, and I had configured it to get notifications only from certain services, which only allowed SMS, emails from my work account and Hangouts. I didn’t have to take my phone out to check messages, just a glance at my watch would tell me whether it’s important or not.

The point of all this is that Apple Watch has been more than a fashion accessory, it has actually improved productivity and my social life. I just upgraded it to version 2, because I saw a lot of value in it. If you are debating buying Apple Watch for your loved ones or you are planning to upgrade from the previous version, here are some of the compelling reasons that will help you in making that decision.

Water Resistance

I have often worn my Apple Watch while giving baths to my children. I wear it while cooking and washing vegetables and meat, exposing the watch to running water; and I have worn it in the rain. I do swim occasionally and I don’t like the idea of taking my watch off. I recall that with Apple Watch 1, I had to remember to take it off during those activities, especially when it rained. I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I can wear my Apple Watch 2 anywhere I want. So, that upgrade was worth it.

Longer battery life

I am not certain whether it’s the Watch OS 3 or newer hardware but I can get up to three days of battery life. I first noticed it when I was at SUSECon in DC and I forgot my charger back at home. Apple Watch 2 was alive and kicking for 3 days, yes I was getting fewer notifications but I recall that the first-generation Apple watch wouldn’t last a single day.

Built-in GPS

I recently started running and had to carry my bulky iPhone 6S Plus. With the built-in GPS on Apple Watch 2, I can go for my morning run without having to lug around the bulky iPhone 7 Plus, and I can also listen to music through my Bose Bluetooth headphones.

Brighter screen

Another reason to upgrade was: twice the brightness, the display on the first generation of Apple Watch was 450 nits whereas Apple Watch 2 display is twice as bright with 1000 nits.

Considering buying a smartwatch?

If you are still on the fence (I have many friends who have yet to take the plunge), here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying Apple Watch 2.

Phone calls: You can receive and make phone calls from your Apple Watch 2 and trust me it’s much more natural to talk to your watch than hold a big 6” device next to your ear. I can leave my phone in my room and walk around in my wifi zone and I don’t miss any calls.

Never miss a message: I used to put my phone on silent or vibration mode when I was in meetings, parties or work or trying to put my babies to bed. I used to get reprimanded by my wife or friends for not responding to important or emergency messages. I haven’t missed a single message ever since I started wearing Apple Watch; it’s always there on my wrist.

Less distraction, more productivity: When your phone buzzes and you pick it up to check the notification you are sucked into it, many of us start checking Facebook or websites. But with Apple Watch, I can just take a peek at my watch without lifting my fingers from my keyboard and continue working until it’s an actual important message that needs immediate attention. Also, I do not have the urge to check my phone anymore for messages. It’s psychological.

Should you upgrade?

I am a tech lover and I always keep myself on the latest version of hardware and software. But should you upgrade? I have pointed out the reasons why I upgraded, if you need those features then I would say go for an upgrade. And if you are planning to get your first Apple Watch (or as gift), go for Apple Watch 2.

But shouldn’t you wait for Apple Watch 3?

Apple is going to release new hardware either on a regular or irregular basis, and there will always be version next. Until we know that it will really be a massive overhaul, there is really no point in holding back for the version next. If you want to take a plunge into the world of Smartwatches, Apple Watch 2 is the right device. Go for it.