by Sharon Florentine

Top 10 most popular companies for job seekers

Nov 29, 2016
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Job search site analyzed click-through rate for its IT job listings to determine the most popular companies among IT job seekers.

It’s no surprise that IT jobs are some of the hottest, most lucrative and exciting careers around, but some companies are more alluring than others. Job search site searched through its more than 16 million job postings last month, filtered results to focus on only the IT industry jobs, and then ranked each company based on viewer impressions and click-through rate to gauge how appealing each company is to potential candidates.

“With over 16 million job postings globally and more than 200 million unique visitors a month … We compiled a list of the most popular tech company job postings. We then ranked the companies by click through rates on job postings during the month of October. Each company had to have at least 100 job postings to be considered. To compile the list, Indeed looked at the number of job seeker clicks relative to impressions — or click through rate,” according to Indeed.

There were some surprises, says Daniel Culbertson,’s lead economist; many of the Silicon Valley heavyweights like Facebook, Google and Apple had received lower job seeker scores than anticipated, and two lesser-known companies, Concur and Reynolds and Reynolds, made the Top 10 list.

“What we see from this list is that job seekers count on a company’s reputation. White-hot, consumer-focused companies, social media companies, these are popular household names with services people use every day. But we also see companies with solid reputations, like HR software company Concur that are popular. We think, too, that companies like Facebook, for example, or Google, aren’t higher on the list because they’re notoriously difficult for candidates to be hired,” Culbertson says.

Here are the top 10 most popular companies for job seekers, based on Indeed’s research, along with each company’s job seeker score.


1 yelp

Image by Thinkstock/Unsplash

Yelp, the online, crowd-sourced user and customer business review site, claims more than 25 million unique visitors through its mobile app in Q3 2016 and more than 72 million unique visitors via the mobile web.

2. Spotify

2 spotify

Image by Thinkstock/Unsplash

Streaming digital music services company Spotify has more than 40 million subscribers, as of September 2016, and more than 100 million active users worldwide as of June 2016. The company’s library contains about 30 million songs, and is available in more than 60 different worldwide markets.

3. Dropbox

3 dropbox

Image by Thinkstock/Unsplash

Cloud storage and secure file-sharing company Dropbox, headquartered in San Francisco has approximately 500 million users, worldwide, and claims 1.2 million files are saved on its service daily.

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4. Hulu

4 hulu

Image by Thinkstock/Unsplash

Subscription video-on-demand service Hulu partners with many major media and communications companies to provide its programming; most recently it partnered with the Walt Disney Corporation and Time Warner.

5. Netflix

5 netflix

Image by Thinkstock/Unsplash

The better-known streaming video subscription service offers not only syndicated programming, but has recently branched out into original programming. Netflix is also notable for its corporate focus on culture and employee engagement.

6. Facebook

6 facebook

Image by Thinkstock/Unsplash

The social media giant is the most popular worldwide, and has approximately 1.78 billion monthly average users as of Q3 2016.

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7. Reynolds and Reynolds

7 reynolds and reynolds

Image by Thinkstock/Unsplash

Reynolds & Reynolds is an Ohio-based company that provides documents, forms and document management solutions software to automotive dealerships.

8. Google

8 google

Image by Thinkstock/Unsplash

The search and data giant is notoriously choosy when it comes to hiring, but its benefits and perks are second-to-none.

9. Apple

9 apple

Image by Thinkstock/Unsplash

From mobile devices like iPhones and iPads to personal computers to apps, Silicon Valley’s premier hardware company is still a majorly popular employer for job seekers.

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10. Concur

10 concur

Image by Thinkstock/Unsplash

Concur is a travel and expense management software company that offers its software solutions to businesses.